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You know there are hundreds and thousands of Youtube channels, blogs and websites for learning German in Internet. Today I want to share one of my favorite German learning resources. This blog is one step ahead of any others because it is really funny and so natural.

It is “The Lernen to Talk Show“. It is basically written by a university student who studies in Germany (in Duisburg I guess) and every week he records a short video with a native German speaker. The videos are fun and very useful. I love to watch them!

If I am not mistaken, I have already watched 15 videos. And here is the link:

Thanks Mickey for all of his great effort for this great video series. I’m sure he can speak perfect German by now!


2 thoughts on “Deutsch resources”

  1. Hi! Thanks for your kind endorsement. Es freut mich, dass meine Show dir gefallen hat! Viel Glück beim Lernen. Ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass du deine Ziele erreichen wirst! Es ist ganz wichtig beim Sprachen-lernen, dass man kreative Sachen dabei macht. Dein Blog ist ein perfektes Beispiel!

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